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Ariel Ness Photo - Co Founder & CEO
Ariel Ness
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Ariel Ness Photo - Co Founder & CEO

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Ariel Ness Photo - Co Founder & CEO

About us

crypto wysdom
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Founded and headed by
Ariel Ness

a venture investor, serial entrepreneur,
strategic advisor, and a banker.


Yaniv Altshuler
Co-Founder & CEO

Ariel Ness has been an early financial supporter, a friend and an advisor to Endor, assigned to deal with the strategic initiatives. Ariel masters the art of deal-making and negotiations. He undertook complex and challenging business and market development tasks for Endor, always getting things done with utmost professionalism, courtesy and integrity. Ariel delivers on his promise and often exceeds our expectations. We are looking forward to continuing Endor's value creation journey together with Ariel.

Ran Achituv
Managing Partner
Entree Capital

I've known Ariel for almost 20 years, his innovation and dedication for finding the right solutions to business problems is phenomenal. He is well connected and builds long term relationships with key influencers. His advice is always helpful and guides in the right direction.

Thomson Nguyen
EIR at Kleiner Perkins
Former Head of Data Science at Square Capital

Ariel has been a great connector and help in Framed's business development and overall corporate strategy. He is knowledgeable about the industry, is able to get to the heart of any problem very quickly, and can distill insights and advice concisely and effectively. It's good to have a guy like him in your corner when building a startup!

Yehonatan Ben-Hamozeg
Co-Founder & CEO Agrint
CEO at AgTech, Former Deputy Commander - Unit 8200

Ariel Ness has been one of our mentors in the Microsoft Accelerator. Agrint develops an seismic sensor for palm tree owners. We provide an early detection when trees are under attack by a beetle that destroys the tree. Ariel’s advice and mentorship have been priceless. He understands marketing inside and out. We explored together with our mentors(including Ariel) our GTM strategy, pricing and whether to work thru distributors or go direct. He was instrumental in defining our business and our reoccurring subscription revenue model (and he coined the term “Sensor-as-a-Service”). Ariel has an incredible ability to simplify things and he helped us craft our marketing messages and build a powerful and very effective pitch deck that tells our complex story in a very simple and elegant way.

Tomer Aharonovich
Co-Founder & CEO
NYX Technologies

Ariel, Thanks for your great help as our mentor in the 8200 Accelerator Program. Your guidance, mentorship and friendship has been absolutely priceless to us! You helped us structure our first investment, educated us in developing a fundraising strategy and guided us in our business strategy. I’m looking forward continuing working closely with you. It has been a pleasure. Cheers to our next achievements :) Many thanks! Tomer

Mickey Balter
Co-Founder & CEO

I had the pleasure of having Ariel as a mentor at the 8200EISP program. Ariel accompanied my process of transforming our great technology into a marketable product. Ariel is a great brainstorming partner, and provided valuable advice and insights throughout the process. In parallel, Ariel was highly effective at facilitating connections and getting me in front of key decision makers at our target customers.

Uzi Hanuni
Founder & CEO
MaxTech Networks

Ariel Ness has been a strategic advisory of Maxtech Networks and a great mentor to our senior management. If you are a Founder or CEO looking to rethink your strategy, your product or make any other strategic changes with a creative, skillful and a passionate professional, and if you want someone to lead this change and drive growth with you, as one of your own senior team members, you should absolutely retain Ariel Ness - without any doubt, and I am talking from my very successful personal experience with him.

Adiel Benayahu
Vantage Diagnostics

What makes Ariel Ness a truly remarkable strategic advisor is his foresight and unique ability to understand the market. His legal, operational and financial expertise are incredibly useful and he is able to advise on many aspects of the business. Ariel is a team player who sees the company’s goals as his and is always there when you need him. He is by far the best I know in the business.

Sasha Herakovic
Senior Director
Executive Escalations at BlackBerry

Ariel Ness is a long-time friend of BlackBerry and an amazing product guy. He’s a super-user of technological products who is truly savvy. Ariel’s expertise is focused around mobile web, smartphones, and user experience. His incredible insights have been helpful. Ariel’s ability to identify product imperfections on one hand, and suggest incredibly useful and out-of-the-box product improvements and innovative features [both in user-experience (UX) and user-interface (UI)] on the other hand, is rare and very rewarding to customers who interact with him. Ariel’s advice & insights have been extremely valuable and we are excited about continuing our relationship and friendship with him.

Marc Rochman
Founder & CEO

Ariel is a friend after having been an advisor and a business partner. He is one of the most connected persons I know and has a unique talent of business modeling that makes him a remarkable financial maestro and a deal maker. He is a person of great business acumen with a superb ethical dimension.

Nadav Kidron
Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

As Managing Director of Vega Ventures, Ariel invested in Oramed two years ago and ever since he has become a trusted advisor and a friend. His sound advise - on many different aspects of the business - greatly helped us in our decision making process in some key initiatives, from corporate finance and raising capital, to marketing strategy, from cost cutting initiatives to branding and public relations. I'm sure that young companies can gain a great deal having Ariel on board. Lastly, Ariel's is one of the most connected people I know, and through his diversified network of contacts Ariel opened some doors to us, doors most people don't even know they exist.

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